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Bowles Hall Book Club!

[Members pictured are considered part of the same household/suite]

Book Club originally started out thanks to co-librarian Sharon Burk. Sharon had the idea of reviving an interest in reading and discussing books in the Hall, and using this important resource. As a club, we spent the first part of the semester organizing the library and looking through the collections of historic volumes donated by generations of alumni, as well as course related books that had been used by residents in recent years.

The Julien and Helen Hart Memorial Library was added in 1938 and

remains an important fixture in the Hall—not to mention one of the best places to study and read. It’s no coincidence that the Lieu’s serve Tea Time in the library every Tuesday.

We wanted to create a space where book enthusiasts could meet on a regular basis and talk about literature, and we came up with the idea of meeting at brunch on Sundays to analyze and discuss a short story in depth. At our first meeting, we discussed “Murder on the Orient Express,” by Agatha Christie, and talked about how detective novels feed a reader’s desire for mystery. I’ve met many bookworms in the hall and it’s been great to finally have a dedicated time to discuss good writing.

This year the librarians, especially co-librarian Elainna, have worked hard to create a digital catalogue that lists all the books currently in the library. In the coming Spring Semester, we would love to continue meeting for brunch and discussing short

stories—ranging from Hemingway to Kafka to Tobias Wolff—and generating more enthusiasm about a vital resource in our community. We would also like to continue working with Dead Poets Society to discuss poetry and have a space where folks can bring their own writing or discuss favorite poems and poets that are important to them.

Assistant to the Librarians,



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