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Student Groups and Committees 

Bowles Hall Residential College is designed to promote genuine diversity by welcoming people of all backgrounds, identities, and academic interests. This has allowed us to foster an active community where many residents create and participate in an incredible array of committees, clubs, and groups within the hall. 

Cooking and Baking

Smell something scrumptious coming from the dining hall? Looks like you found the right place! This group takes advantage of our student kitchen and make food together quite often! It’s a great way to learn how to make something new and socialize with people in the hall! Join in on the latest group project or come up with one of your own! Come cook with us!!

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Diversity Enrichment

In alignment with Bowles Hall's mission and commitment to DIEB values, the Diversity Enrichment Committee promotes and cultivates initiatives hall wide. This group does many things from organizing speaker series and hosting cultural appreciation events so that we are continuously challenging our community to better ourselves.


After a period of neglect, we’ve revived the Bowes Hall Community Garden! So far we’ve grown lots of carrots, lettuce, and flowers, and we’ve currently got sweet peas and tomatoes growing in the beds! After a stressful week of midterms or projects, gardening has been the perfect way to de-stress and connect with other students in the hall.

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The Philanthropy Committee plans philanthropic events, including Big Game Dinner, fundraisers, community service, scholarships, and more! Recently, we have raised money for local Bay Area non-profits and charities!


Social Committee exists to organize fun events, throw parties and catalyze social activities around the hall. We plan all of the traditional Bowles events such as Fall Formal, the Haunted House, Yule Ball, Spring Soirée, Founders Ball, and Beach Party!

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Comm-Sports tries its best to make sports easily accessible to all in the hall. With our 4 teams spanning across different sports and leagues, Bowles Hall officially has the most intramural teams out of any organization in all of Berkeley and that number is only going to increase next semester. We're looking forward to our upcoming World Cup Bracket challenge where everyone has the chance to win a jersey of their choice for participating. Most importantly we're keeping Bowles fit and looking good while doing it!


Comm-Sustainability has many exciting student led projects this semester. Our committee focuses on climate change awareness and education. We led movie mornings where we watched education sustainability films. Outside of our projects aimed to reduce our GHG emissions, we are also planning a camping trip and local trips on public transportation to get members accustomed to how to get around without a personal vehicle. We hope that next semester we can continue to build our Bowles Hall environmental community and help those who are interested to find a job in social impact.

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