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The Bowles Hall Residential College is Berkeley's premier undergraduate residence, standing alone in offering faculty-led advising and support, student-centered operations, and 21st Century amenities. As a non-profit organization, the Bowles Hall Foundation intentionally sets its cost of living to be in line with those charged to reside at other high-end, on-campus residential facilities like Clark-Kerr and Foothill — and the Foundation has every intention of ensuring this in future years.

We offer two room types, both with an attached bathroom. The cost of residency for the academic year 2024-2025 is as follows:

Single: $13,500 per semester (10 total installments of $2,700 each)

Double: $12,750 per semester (10 total installments of $2,500 each)

The cost of residency includes the Bowles Hall meal plan. This is equivalent to the "Ultimate Plan" option provided by the university. We also provide a late night snacks at 9pm and to-go options for students who cannot return to the Hall for lunch.

Please note that payments can be made in equal monthly installments  throughout the academic year due on the 1st of each month. For more information about applying to Bowles Hall, please visit our apply page.

Note: Bowles Hall is considered on-campus housing for the purposes of financial aid.

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