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Instant Noodle Night

Where to even begin? It was the encouragement of my friends that brought about Instant Noodle Night. Without them, it would have just been a lone weeb (me) eating noodles and listening to lofi Studio Ghibli playlists on a Monday night (sad image isn't it?).

Now, every Monday night at 9pm, residents meet in the Dining Hall, where they choose from an assortment of the finest instant noodles (well, the finest noodles I could find).

Recently, the hosts of Instant Noodle Night have begun conducting a raffle known as “The Goblet of Fire Noodles” in which people enter their names and win prizes -- ranging from Ramune to anime mouse pads. The energy is always high, and there will certainly be some sort of entertainment, whether it be Popin Cookin ASMR or Nelson dying over a bowl of fire noodles. The noodles themselves provide a much needed break from a rough Monday, but the people who come to Instant Noodle Night Club are the ones that make the experience truly amazing. Thanks to them, we have had nine meetings so far, with MANY more to come!

- John


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